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Deciding to fix your car air conditioning yourself is a good first step. Learn how to use A/C Pro® products so everything goes smoothly and you avoid any mistakes.

How To Use Our Products
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Looking for help with how to fix the air conditioning in your car? Use these guides to learn about your vehicle’s air conditioning system and get started today.


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A/C Pro® is the go-to source for fixing your vehicle’s air conditioning, and our answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can help you understand more about topics like the A/C system and how to perform a recharge.

  • If your vehicle’s A/C isn’t blowing cold, it’s probably due to low refrigerant as a result of a leak. Most leaks are in rubber components such as O-rings, hoses, and gaskets.

  • Need help finding your low side port? Use our Low Pressure Port Finder.

  • No. The refrigerant in your vehicle’s air conditioning system never goes bad and never gets “used up,” so if your vehicle’s A/C system pressure is low it means there is a leak. This will need to be repaired in order for your vehicle’s system to hold refrigerant. If the system is able to maintain a charge for a period of two weeks or longer, it is possible to seal the leak with sealant such as A/C Pro® Super Seal. If it will not hold a charge for at least two weeks, it is recommended that a professional technician is sought out to help find and repair the leak.

A/C Port Finder

Discover how to recharge your car’s A/C with our low side port finder. Our database has vehicle-specific advice on how to find the right port, making recharging a breeze.

Locate port Other ways to find your vehicle’s car port A/C spec database or view our port diagram.