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A/C Pro®, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket air conditioning products, has released a new and advanced version of the company’s popular A/C Pro® refrigerant – A/C Pro® with MAX-SEAL.

  • ACP-105 is a refrigerant from A/C Pro® with added MAX-SEAL.
  • The addition of MAX-SEAL prevents A/C rubber and metal leaks.
  • Retailing at just $19.99, ACP-105 is cost-effective for consumers.

What is ACP-105?

ACP-105 is an advanced version of A/C Pro® refrigerant – with added MAX-SEAL – that restores lost R-134a refrigerant in vehicle A/C systems. You won’t be wondering how to find an A/C leak in your vehicle with this refrigerant, as it contains advanced dual chemistry to help stop common A/C rubber leaks and protect against costly metal leaks.

The new formula includes 25% extra sealing additive. This targets the source of refrigerant leaks by sealing older rubber gaskets and O-rings, while also reconditioning the seals. It also contains anti-corrosive additives that help shield against future metal leaks by reducing acid and moisture build-up within the system.

“We developed this new formula of A/C Pro® as a premium product with the consumer in mind,” said Ken Motush, Vice President of Marketing. “A/C Pro® with MAX-SEAL offers vehicle owners the ability to stop common A/C leaks for a fraction of the cost of part replacement”.

Where can I buy ACP-105?

A/C Pro® with MAX-SEAL can be found at most leading auto parts retailers. It retails for just $19.99.

Check out A/C Pro® for more information, details of how to use A/C Pro® recharge, and locations to buy our products.