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A/C Pro®, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket air conditioning products, has introduced ACP-400 – a new long-length recharge hose and gauge.

  • ACP-400 is a reusable long-length recharge hose and gauge – twice as long as the hoses in most recharge kits!
  • It’s adaptable with all of A/C Pro®’s recharge products and standard R-134a refrigerant cans.
  • Complete the same repair job as a mechanic with ACP-400 – often for less than $40.00 and in under ten minutes.

What is ACP-400?

ACP-400 is a reusable long-length recharge hose and gauge. The hose is double the length of hose that comes with most kits. Users can access low-pressure ports with ease.

Alongside the longer length, A/C Pro®’s hose kit includes a 40% larger dial-in gauge for easier viewing and more accurate measurements when recharging a car’s air conditioning system. It also has the easiest low-pressure port quick connect – simply push it onto the port with one finger.

What’s more, the ACP-400 hose kit is compatible with all of A/C Pro®’s existing recharge standard R-134a products – as well as standard R-134a refrigerant cans on the market.

“Recharging your air conditioning system is really as easy as filling a tire with air,” said Ken Motush, Vice President of Marketing. “Our new kit is even easier to attach and get an accurate reading of your vehicle’s refrigerant levels. No matter what brand of refrigerant you use, our kit will surely make the job painless”.

How much is the new ACP-400?

Most mechanics generally charge anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 per hour for their services – not including parts. An air conditioning recharge service can often cost more than $100.00.

For less than $40.00, A/C Pro® and its products allow owners to do the same service repair in as little as 10 minutes from start to icy-cold finish.

Where can I buy the new ACP-400?

The A/C Pro® recharge hose can be found at most leading auto parts retailers.  Visit our website for more information about how to use A/C Pro®, our products and where to buy them.