• Eliminates vent malodor
  • Freshens car interior
  • New car fragrance
  • Professional strength formula

Product Description

The A/C Pro® Fogger features a professional strength formula with a new car fragrance that works to eliminate vent malodor while freshening the car interior. Once the A/C fogger is activated inside an unoccupied car with the air conditioning and fan on high, the contents are released and distributed throughout the car’s vents and interior.

  • Gives your car the “new car smell”
  • Easy to use with quick results
  • Uses professional strength formula

Usage Directions

  1. Vehicle should be unoccupied. No person, pets or plants.
  2. For best results, remove any sources of unwanted odors.
  3. Park car outside in cool, shady location.
  4. Start the car and set air conditioning on HIGH fan. Turn on the interior recirculation feature and close all the windows.
  5. Active the fogger can with the nozzle facing away from you. Set fogger on center console or similar flat surface in the center of vehicle and close car door. Fogger will empty completely into the closed vehicle.
  6. Leave the car door closed for 15 minutes, with the A/C on to recirculate.
  7. Open all car doors, turn the car off and allow the car to air out for 5-10 minutes.

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