• Eliminates light dirt and dust on vent surfaces
  • Helps Reduce Odors
  • Leaves car interiors smelling fresh
  • Simple to use

Product Description

A/C Pro® Vent & Duct Cleaner is a professional odor neutralizer specially formulated for automotive HVAC systems.

It helps to reduce malodor caused by mold, mildew, stale and smoke by removing light dirt and dust that sits on vents – leaving your A/C smelling clean and fresh.

  • Erase the smell of stale air and malodor with our advanced formula
  • Easy to use with our simple instructions
  • Neutralizes odors after just one use
  • Achieve long lasting freshness for your car’s interior
  • Treats vents, ductwork, evaporator core and drain pan area from common odors

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