• 2x cooling boosters
  • Hybrid & Electric Compatible
  • Premium Leak Sealing Formula
  • Protects against extreme temperatures
  • Protects against high use

Product Description

The A/C Pro® Extreme Conditions refrigerant kits feature easy-to-use digital A/C gauges to guide you through the recharge process. The premium formula protects against extreme temperatures and high use with a robust lubricant ingredient combo specifically designed to withstand high pressures seen with frequent A/C stops and start-ups. The approximately 18 oz. of R-134a and 4 oz. of additives are used to recharge a vehicle’s A/C system, seal common leaks in the rubber components and is compatible with all vehicles.

  • Approved for use in California
  • Contains approximately 18 oz. of R-134a and 4 oz. of additives
  • 2x Cooling Boosters independently tested to deliver the coldest air from your vehicle’s A/C compared to the next leading brand of A/C recharge kits
  • Advanced formula works quickly to seal common A/C leaks in rubber O-rings, gaskets, and hoses
  • Compatible with all vehicles – including hybrids and electrics

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