• Repairs metal and rubber leaks
  • Seals Leaks
  • Works with R-1234yf vehicles

Product Description

A/C PRO® SUPER SEAL® A/C Treatment for R-1234yf A/C systems contains chemicals that are activated by moisture to form a patch as the refrigerant passes through a leak. These chemicals seal leaks in the condenser, evaporator, accumulator, and receiver/drier. A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment contains conditioners and sealers that penetrate and rejuvenate O-rings, gaskets and other rubber connectors to prevent leakage, and also a drying agent to eliminate moisture. A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment is vacuum packed without refrigerant and is compatible with lubricants that are commonly used in R-1234yf car A/C Systems.

A/C Pro® Super Seal:

  • Repairs Metal Leaks
  • Seals Rubber Leaks
  • R-1234YF System Compatible

Usage Directions

Note: AC100SY02X is not for use in hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt-driven (electric-driven) compressors. For R-1234yf air-conditioning systems only.


1. Start engine and set the air conditioner to maximum cooling with system on re-circulate. Allow to run for 3 minutes. Ensure the air conditioner’s compressor is running and clutch is engaging.
2. Turn the valve handle of the recharge hose counter-clockwise until the piercing stem is in the up position. Caution: do not add A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment through a manifold gauge and hose set. Use only enclosed recharge hose.
3. Carefully screw the top of the A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment can onto the end of the recharge hose with the valve hand. Please note: The can and hose use a reverse thread fitting, so you will be screwing it toward the left.
4. Locate vehicle air conditioner low-side service port and remove protective dust cap. The low-side port is located on larger diameter aluminum tubing, between the evaporator and compressor. For further help on low-side charging port location visit the Port Finder tab on
5. With air conditioner switched off and while wearing goggles and cloth-lined gloves, pull back sleeve on coupler and attach by pressing onto low-side port. Coupler will only fit low-side port – do not force. Make sure fitting is tight.
6. Holding the can upright, turn the valve handle on the recharge hose clockwise all the way in. You will hear refrigerant moving from the vehicle’s A/C into the can.
7. Wait 10 seconds and turn valve handle clockwise to close valve.
8. Keeping the can connected, shake the can to allow refrigerant to mix with A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment.
9. Start engine and set air conditioning to maximum cooling with system on re-circulate.
10. Holding the can in an upside-down position and above the service port, turn the valve counter clockwise. Shake lightly until can is empty.
11. Disconnect the recharge hose from the low-side service port. Turn the valve handle counter clockwise on the hose until the pushing stem is in the up position. Unscrew can from hose and discard. Be careful of residual oil that may leak out of the hose. Discard can and hose in accordance with national regulations.
12. After adding A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment, move forward with conducting a full system recharge with A/C Pro® R-1234yf Recharge Kit to flush the system of any residual sealant.
13. Allow the air conditioning system to run for 15 minutes to let the A/C Pro® Super Seal® A/C Treatment and refrigerant circulate.

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