Today’s vehicles use two different kinds of refrigerant to keep you cool in the cabin. What is the difference between them, and which does your car, truck, or SUV use?

The first type is R-134a, which replaced the refrigerant commonly known as “freon.” The other is R-1234yf, which is an even more environmentally friendly refrigerant than R-134a.

Finding out which refrigerant your vehicle uses is easy with the help of A/C Pro®. The first place to look for this information is under the hood. Pop the hood and look for a label, which is usually white or bright yellow. On this it will either say “R-134a” or “R-1234yf,” and it may even say what the capacity is. However, not all cars have this label. If you have any questions about which refrigerant your vehicle uses, A/C Pro® has other tools to help you determine which refrigerant you need to recharge your car’s A/C.

Additionally, A/C Pro® has a helpful Spec Database that helps you understand what refrigerant to look for when preparing to recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system. By entering your vehicle’s make, model, year, and, in some cases, engine, the database will give you accurate information regarding your vehicle’s A/C.

So now that you’ve got the knowledge about which refrigerant your vehicle takes and selected the correct A/C Pro® product, how can you be sure? A/C Pro® has a fail-safe system to verify that you are adding the correct refrigerant to your vehicle. The quick-couplers on the end of the hoses attached to our gauges will only allow R-134a to be added to vehicles that use R-134a, and R-1234yf to vehicles that use R-1234yf.

Regardless of whether your car’s A/C system uses R-134a or R-1234yf to keep you cold when you turn on the air conditioning, A/C Pro® has the tools you need to restore cold air.