Product Features

  • Cleans and refreshes
  • Eliminates bacteria and odours
  • Simple "lock & leave" system

Product Description

Over time, your air-conditioning system can be contaminated by bacteria. This build up leads to bad odours and poor air flow. A/C cleaner 210 can help clean and refresh your entire A/C system in just 10 minutes, leaving it clean and fresh.

  • Cleans and refreshes
  • Eliminates odours and bacteria
  • Fast and easy job
  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Fresh scent
  • Simple ‘Lock & Leave’ function

Usage Directions

  1. Shake well before use. Start engine and set A/C onto internal circulation at full power. Open all vents and close all the windows.
  2. Ensure front passenger seat is pushed and tilted as far forward as possible. Place can on the floor or a flat surface, two thirds from front passenger seat, with nothing obstructing the spray pattern.
  3. Activate the can by pressing down on the valve.
  4. Close the door and make sure all windows are also closed.
  5. Wait 10 minutes until the can is empty. Then switch off the A/C system and engine.
  6. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the vehicle.

For best results, remove any sources of unwanted odours. Park car outside in cool, shady location.


  • Yes, you can clean your car’s AC yourself. Auto Air-Con Cleaner allows you to clean and refresh your entire A/C system in 10 minutes. The solution works to eliminate odours and bacteria trapped in your cars A/C system.

  • AC cleaners can be used to give your car’s A/C a complete refresh – eliminating any odours and bed smells.

  • Your car’s A/C system should be regularly cleaned with a chemical wash to eliminate hidden bacteria and odours.