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Post: 5 Simple Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

When we think of summertime, pleasant thoughts of road trips with friends, chilling out at the beach, enjoying family barbecues, and the sounds of the ice cream truck rolling down the street often come to mind. But summer is not all sunshine and daisies. Well, actually it pretty much is. But for those that dread the return of Sweaty Back Syndrome in the dog days of summer, how can you keep your cool? If you can’t…

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Post: Winter Special: Getting Hot Air Faster

For most of us, it’s cold outside this time of year—especially when you get in your car first thing in the morning. Your car heater can’t get hot fast enough. You frantically turn the heat all the way up with the fan blowing on max, enduring the constant blasts of cold until it finally warms up (usually right as you pull up to your destination). There’s got to be a way to heat up your car…

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