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Post: 1234yf Approved for Consumer Use

On December 2, 2013, a new rule went into effect that allows HFO-1234yf (1234-yf) to be sold to consumers so they can recharge their own vehicles air conditioning systems. The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) and the Automotive Refrigerant Products Institute (ARPI) filed suit against the EPA claiming the studies used to make the original toxicity determination that would have banded consumers from purchasing 1234yf grossly overstated human exposure levels. After a review of the data…

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Post: “How Much Refrigerant Goes in My Car?” (Hint: more is not always better)

This is a question that often gets asked, and it is akin to asking “how long should I cut a piece of string?” Here’s why: every car A/C is different. Every situation is different. If you can tell me precisely how much refrigerant leaked from your system, then I can tell you the amount of refrigerant that should go back into your system. Here’s the problem: you can’t tell me precisely how much refrigerant has leaked…

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