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Post: #PoptheHood: A Dipstick’s Guide to Compressors

What is a compressor and how does it work? The compressor is often considered the “heart” of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. It’s the most vital component in the system. The compressor pulls the refrigerant out of the evaporator and pushes it into a condenser, and then back into the evaporator to complete the cycle. A compressor is an electro-mechanical pump, driven by a belt that’s attached to the engine’s crankshaft; however some newer versions can be driven…

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Post: Winter Special: Getting Hot Air Faster

For most of us, it’s cold outside this time of year—especially when you get in your car first thing in the morning. Your car heater can’t get hot fast enough. You frantically turn the heat all the way up with the fan blowing on max, enduring the constant blasts of cold until it finally warms up (usually right as you pull up to your destination). There’s got to be a way to heat up your car…

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