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Post: Why Your Car A/C Stopped Working Over the Winter

It’s a really common problem: the first warm day of spring arrives, and you turn on your car or truck’s air conditioner—only to find that it is no longer blowing cold air. What happened? Your A/C was working fine last fall, and you haven’t touched it since then. What could have possibly happened to the A/C when it hasn’t even been turned on all winter? Though there are a couple of different things that might have…

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Post: The Most Common Problem with A/C systems: The Fix

In yesterday’s post we talked about what a tres big bummer it is when your A/C goes on the fritz. We did a little self diagnosis and hopefully we were able to get you to step away from the ledge for a brief moment so that we could do a little evaluation of the facts on the ground. Now that we have evaluated the situation our decision tree is quite simple: 1. If the car’s A/C…

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