A/C Pro

Reasons Why A/C Pro is Foolproof

In feedback from customers, we often hear A/C Pro referred to as “foolproof” or “idiot-proof.” We’ve even been called “easy,” and we’re OK with that.

A/C Pro is specifically designed to be as close to “foolproof” as possible. It can be used by people who know basically nothing about how a car air conditioner works or what refrigerant is. It requires no tools and no mechanical experience, making it literally one of the simplest car repairs you can do.

Why is A/C Pro so simple to use? There are several things that go into making it foolproof:

The quick-connect coupler will only attach to the correct A/C port.


It is designed to fit the low-pressure A/C port, which is where you’re supposed to service the system. There is literally nowhere else on the vehicle it can latch on to. It is too small to fit on the high-pressure A/C port. As a snap-on connector, it won’t connect to the screw-on valves used on antique R-12 systems (which don’t use A/C Pro) or the EGR system (and don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). If the coupler fits and snaps firmly into place, you know you’re on the right port.

It automatically seals leaks.

If your car is low on refrigerant, then by definition there must be a leak somewhere in the system. Most of the time, such leaks appear in the rubber seals or hoses, which tend to dry out or crack over time. That’s why A/C Pro contains a rubber conditioner and leak sealer, which automatically finds and seals such leaks.

It includes the right amount of A/C compressor oil.

When adding refrigerant to an A/C system, you also need to add compressor oil to replace what’s leaked out. If you don’t, the A/C compressor won’t be properly lubricated and could wear out more quickly. Instead of adding another step to the process, A/C Pro already includes the right type of oil (PAG-100, which is the standard oil used to service all non-hybrid car A/C systems). And you don’t have to worry about how much oil to add, since it’s mixed in with the A/C Pro refrigerant in the right proportion.

It includes moisture and acid eliminators.

If any moisture has gotten into your system, it can combine with the refrigerant to turn acidic and corrode the metal parts of the air conditioner. So, A/C Pro includes a special formula that eliminates any moisture or acid inside the system.

It includes a pressure gauge that adjusts for differences in temperature.


When adding refrigerant, it’s important to get the A/C system pressure within the correct range. Having too much pressure is just as bad (or even worse) than having too little refrigerant. But the correct pressure range changes with the temperature; if it’s 90 degrees outside, the pressure will read higher than if it’s only 75. That’s why A/C Pro gauges have a rotating dial that you can set to the current outdoor temperature. The gauge will then show the correct pressure range for that temperature. As long as you stay within that range and don’t overfill, you should end up with comfortably cold air.

If you do run into any questions about how to use A/C Pro or would like additional help, you can always contact the pros online or by phone.