A/C Pro

ACP-MRL3 | A/C Pro® Super Seal, 3 oz.

  • Contains approximately 1.5oz of refrigerant and 1.5oz of additives
  • Repairs Metal Leaks in evaporators, condensers, compressors, accumulators and receiver dryers
  • Seals Rubber Leaks in O-rings, gaskets, and hoses
  • Features red dye for detecting leaks too large to repair
  • Reusable dispensing hose designed for compliance and to work only with R-134a cans with self-sealing valve tops

A/C Pro® Super Seal is used to repair metal leaks and seal rubber leaks in car A/C systems. Included in this kit are a 3oz can with 1.5oz of R-134a and 1.5oz of additives and a dispensing hose. Immediately after using Certified A/C Pro® Super Seal it is necessary to add additional R-134a to the vehicle’s A/C system (sold separately).