A/C Pro

ACP-105CA | AC Pro Max Seal R-134a AC Recharge 2-in-1 Chemistry, CA

  • Approved for use in California
  • Contains approximately 10 oz. of R-134a and 2 oz. of additives
  • Contains leak sealer to seal common A/C leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets, and O-rings
  • Anti-corrosion additives reduce moisture and acid buildup to shield against metal leaks
  • Restores lost refrigerant and oil, quickly bringing back cool air and lubricating your A/C compressor

A/C Pro® professional formula with max-seal provides approximately 10 oz. of R-134a to replenish A/C systems with lost refrigerant. Leak sealer additives help seal leaks found in rubber components in the system. Additionally, the included anti-corrosion additives shield the A/C system against future metal leaks.