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How to recharge with a trigger style recharge hose?

“Does your gauge handle look like this?

If so, you have a trigger style recharge hose. Follow these steps to recharge your car. Remember to always wear safety glasses and gloves when recharging your A/C.

1. Determine the ambient (outside) temperature before starting to charge your car. If the ambient temperature is 55°F or below do not charge the car. To determine the proper pressure of your car’s A/C set the bezel on the pressure gauge to the outside temperature. If your gauge does not have a bezel dial with the corresponding temperature and pressure, consult this pressure temperature chart. After determining the proper pressure for your AC system charge to that pressure.

2. Locate the low side port. Important note: only charge your A/C system through the low side service port. Never use the high side port to add refrigerant. Doing so is dangerous and could cause you harm. If you are having trouble locating your low side port, try using our low pressure port locator. If you still cannot find your low side port, locate the large diameter aluminum line coming from the back of your car’s compressor. The low side port will be located somewhere along that line. Still can’t find the low side port? Give our technical help desk a call at 1-888-318-5454.

3. Remove the sealing cap from the low side port and wipe any dust from the port with a clean rag. Attach the charging hose to the low side port. Tug gently on the hose to insure a snug connection. Note: The hose will only connect to the low side port fitting. If the hose does not easily attach you are trying to attach it to the wrong port.

4. Squeeze the handle to start the product flowing.

5. Keep the can in the upright position when dispensing product. Rotate the can between the 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock position while you are charging. It is important to stop every 30-45 seconds to take a pressure reading on the system to prevent overcharging the system.

6. When the A/C is charged to the proper pressure remove the charging hose from the low side port and leave the trigger mechanism on top of the can. Replace the sealing cap on the low side port. Store any remaining refrigerant in a cool dry spot in your garage.