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What Your Car Says About You

Your car. It’s your trusty steed, your daily partner in work and play. More than almost any other material possession, your car is an extension of yourself and an expression of your personality.

So what does your car say about you? Below are some specific vehicles and the assumptions people would typically make about their drivers—along with the truth about the cars’ actual drivers.

2008 Jeep Wrangler 4×4 with snorkel kit


What it says:  You’re either a hard-core off-roader/outdoorsman/mountain man (or you want to be), or somebody who enjoys grown-up toys.

Driven by:  Andy, a banker who enjoys hiking, camping, and climbing. He does not currently live in the mountains, but has discussed moving there. He also owns his own paintball equipment.

2006 Ford Focus hatchback with a manual transmission


What it says:  You’re practical. You like a car that goes from one place to another place, preferably places of your choosing. If it does that, why pay more?

Driven by:  Will, an analyst who brings his own lunch to work. He wears black-rimmed glasses merely to hide his true identity as a superhero or party animal—or maybe both.

2009 Nissan Cube with optional shag carpeting on dash


What it says:  You either don’t care about style, or you care deeply about style and are sad that nobody else gets it. You’re also likely female, or else you’re a man who’s very secure in his masculinity.

Driven by:  Melissa, a woman who cares about style, though her friends say she drives a “school bus.” Her shih tzu, George, is very secure in his masculinity.

1998 Chevrolet K1500 with 280,000 miles, one owner


What it says:  You probably like doing outdoorsy things, such as camping or road construction. You’re not big on change or fashion, but you are handy with a wrench, jumper cables, tow chain, or a lasso, all of which you keep behind the back seat.

Is driven by:  Kevin, known for his cowboy boots, kayak, and tendency to fix everything with duct tape. Friends have described him as the most faithful person they know.

2004 Buick LeSabre, white


What it says:  Grandparents. Any and all grandparents drive cars like this. If you are under age 50 and drive a white Buick, people will think you borrowed or bought it from your grandmother.

Driven by:  Winifred, a cheerful, bubbly lady who is…uh…only 25 years old. Not a grandmother, or even a mother. She bought it from a Ford dealership. Go figure.

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage, in some shade of purple


What it says:  We actually haven’t figured this one out yet, but we’re intrigued…

Driven by:  Ryan, who likes bright colors and bow ties. He’s a project manager who does street art and professional sculpting on the side.

2010 Piaggio Fly, bought used on Craigslist


What it says:  You don’t have far to drive (and no hurry to get there), live in a warm climate, are young, care about the environment, like to save money, and are probably a hipster.

Driven by:  Loryn, a recent college graduate who lives and works near downtown Dallas. She likes yoga, and eats only all-natural food (regardless of whether or not it is healthy). When asked, said she’s not sure whether she’s a hipster.

2013 Tesla Model S, powered by magic


What it says:  You’re cutting-edge. You aren’t tied to old-fashioned ideas like “gasoline” or “car dealerships,” though you still want to drive around in a big luxury sedan with enough seating for a family of seven.

Driven by:  Brad, a videographer who shoots and edits on the latest high-tech digital equipment. His previous car was a 2004 Saturn Ion, which he sold like this.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible


What it says:  You’re clearly a man going through a mid-life crisis. When behind the wheel, with the wind blowing through your hair (or what’s left of your hair), you feel free from the desk-job drudgery you are trapped in.

Driven by:  Kristin, who has a rewarding job as a physical therapist. She isn’t middle-aged, isn’t a man, and has plenty of hair.

2009 Lexus LX, or any full-size SUV for that matter


What it says:  You have kids, obviously.

Driven by:  Rachel, who has kids, obviously.

No car (by choice, not necessity)


What it says:  You are an urban sophisticate who works and lives downtown (or in one of those “mixed-use developments” built over a train station). You’re basically carbon-neutral except when you fly somewhere, which is quite often—it’s not like you can drive to visit family or go on a road trip.

(Not) driven by:  Michael, who rides public transit while wearing Google Glass, and spends the auto money he saves on watches.

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