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A/C Pro Reviews

Here are some A/C Pro reviews from around the web by customers who have used our product. If you would like to submit your own review, please contact us or visit our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Worked Like a Champ!

source: advanceautoparts.com

Used this to fill a new A-C system. Was very easy to use and worked like a champ! Thanks Discount Auto for stocking this!

Very Impressed

source: walmart.com

I was a little nervous about doing this myself. However, after reading the easy to follow directions I went ahead and raised the hood of my car and I was complete in less than 10 minutes. Awesome product for the do it yourself person.

So Far So Good

source: advanceautoparts.com

My AC unit in my 99 Mazda B2500 (ford Ranger) kept cycling on & off. Fan would steadily blow warm air because of it. After a bit of homework and asking around, figured to give this a shot, due to being told most likely low on Freon. Hasn’t worked in a couple/few years or so. Meanwhile 5 days later, it’s still blowing cold air! All in all, a bit on the pricey side, but at least the gauge and hose can be transferred & reused and most important, I HAVE AC Again!!

I Highly Recommend

source: advanceautoparts.com

This is by far the coldest my air conditioning has been.

Excellent Product

source: advanceautoparts.com

Works as advertised and easy to operate. The pamphlet explains the process clearly and simply.