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A/C Pro Digital App

hand holding a mobile device displaying ACPRO app

User-friendly modern app makes using A/C PRO® products easier than ever


 Available for free on iOS & Android devices.


App includes everything you need all in one place with the touch of a finger:


When the time comes to recharge your vehicle’s A/C, the A/C Pro® phone app is here to help you. Step by step instructions, specifically tailored to your vehicle, guide you through the process. From locating the low side pressure port to letting you know when the recharge is complete, the instructions are seamless and easy to follow.

Don’t feel like reading instructions? Alternatively, the app also provides instructional videos that are also specific to your vehicle’s year make and model to help guide you through the recharge process.

Perhaps you just need help in locating the low side port. The app includes access to the low side port  finder – a robust image database showing where low side ports reside for most  vehicles. The App also provides access to the A/C spec database, which provides refrigerant and oil specifications and capacities by vehicle. If you still need additional help using an A/C Pro product, the app will connect you directly with our support team.

Thank you for choosing A/C Pro for all of your Auto A/C needs.