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Post: How to Be MacGyver

It’s great to have a garage packed full of tools and supplies, so that you always have exactly what is needed for any repair or DIY project you come across. Most people don’t have that luxury, though. And for the more resourceful among us, an expensive tool collection really isn’t needed. They can get the job done using whatever they happen to have on hand—even if all they have on hand is some loose change, a handkerchief, a…

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Post: How Your Car’s Heater Works (Or Doesn’t)

At A/C Pro, we’re focused on helping people stay cool with our do-it-yourself car A/C repair kits. But with winter approaching and temperatures dropping, drivers are switching off the A/C and turning on the heater. Since the heater and air conditioner are so closely related, to the point that they share some of the same parts, we thought some of our DIYers would like to know how the whole climate control system really works. Caption: 1….

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