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Post: How to Dress Up Your Car for Halloween

Want your Halloween costume to really stand out of the crowd? Try dressing up your car. Whether you’re taking the kids out trick-or-treating or heading out for a Halloween party with friends, making your car a part of your costume ensures you’ll arrive in style and make a big impression. After all, many people dress up as Ghostbusters on Halloween, but how many of them show up in the Ecto-1? With the right vehicle, some craft…

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Post: 7 Most Useful Tools for Someone Who Has No Tools

One benefit of A/C Pro is that it doesn’t require any additional tools; it comes with everything you need. Anyone can use it to charge up their car’s A/C, even if they literally don’t own a single tool. Not that we have anything against tools. They’re very useful when it comes to doing other car repairs or working on things around the house. They can also be expensive, though, because there’s almost no limit to the…

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