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Post: How to Keep Your Car A/C from Going Bad Over the Winter

Fall is on its way, and for many people it’s a welcome break from the heat and misery of summer. For some people, the air conditioners are already turned off for the season; others still have several more weeks before they can give the old A/C a break. But should you give your car’s A/C a break? Winter A/C Maintenance As we’ve mentioned before, car air conditioners often break down over the winter. Clearly, they’re not…

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Post: 8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Could Do

A lot of people don’t even know that recharging a car A/C at home is possible—let alone that anyone can do it in about 10 minutes, with no tools or experience required. At A/C Pro, we make it easy to do exactly that. But that got us thinking: what other things can you do with a car that you might not realize are possible? Obviously we’re not talking about basic things like taking a road trip,…

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