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Post: When You Shouldn’t Use A/C Pro

In most cases, if your car air conditioner is blowing warm air, A/C Pro is the fast, easy way to fix it yourself and save money. However, there are situations where you’ll probably need to take your car to a professional mechanic instead. A/C Pro won’t fix a broken compressor clutch, for instance, or replace a bad condenser coil. So how do you know whether you need to go to a mechanic or use something other…

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Post: How to Cool Down Your Car as Quickly as Possible

Getting into a parked car on a sunny summer afternoon can literally feel like getting into an oven. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the air inside a car can easily become 50 degrees hotter than the outside air (as if the outside temperature wasn’t already hot enough). Overcoming temperatures hot enough to bake cookies can take some time, which means you’re left sweating and sweltering for several minutes as your A/C works to beat the heat….

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Post: 7 Coolest Summer Destinations

Tired of summer? Need to get away from it all, and especially away from the heat? We understand. And that’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest vacation spots in the country—destinations that are literally cool, even in the middle of July. So load up the car and head out to one of these seven “cool” locations. 1. San Francisco, California Photo source. San Francisco is known for being a bit unusual,…

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Post: The 10 Worst Things About Summer

Don’t you just love summer? Wait—you don’t? It seems like everyone is expected to love summer. Throughout the winter, friends say they can’t wait until summer arrives. Families plan vacations around the season. Numerous songs sing its praises. But not everyone loves summer, and very few people truly like it all the time. Though it has many advantages, it also has its drawbacks. For those going through the summertime blues, here’s a list of the 10…

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Post: Evolution of Auto Air Conditioning

Air conditioning comes standard on almost every car sold in the U.S. today. Even if you are driving around sweating in a sweltering hot car, it is usually not because the vehicle doesn’t have A/C; it’s because the A/C it has is broken. Yet for much of the history of the automobile, air conditioning was either a cutting-edge luxury or a sci-fi writer’s dream. The automotive air conditioners of today are the result of a century’s…

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