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Post: What Your Car Says About You

Your car. It’s your trusty steed, your daily partner in work and play. More than almost any other material possession, your car is an extension of yourself and an expression of your personality. So what does your car say about you? Below are some specific vehicles and the assumptions people would typically make about their drivers—along with the truth about the cars’ actual drivers. 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4×4 with snorkel kit What it says:  You’re either…

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Post: The 6 Road Trips to Take Before You Die

We’ve talked about how to save money on a summer road trip, and the seven hottest road trips you could take. But what about the best  road trips? To answer that question, we’ve come up with a list of drives that we think all road warriors should take at some point in their lives. To make it doable, we limited it to roads within the U.S. And to even be considered for the list, they had…

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Post: 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Road Trip

Though it does make for some hot roads, the sunny summer season is prime time for that classic American pastime: the road trip. Although increases in gas prices have made taking a road trip pricier than in the past, it remains arguably the best and most popular way to see the country. And for our cost-conscious customers, we have 10 tips on how to do a road trip on the cheap—saving money while still getting to…

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Post: 7 Hottest Road Trips in the World

Summer is the traditional season for road trips. It’s the time to pack up and head to the beach, or the mountains, or perhaps even overseas (where you can rent a car and continue your trip). Of course, it’s also the hottest time of the year. It means you don’t have to worry about driving on snow or ice, which is helpful. But it can also make for some uncomfortable hours behind the wheel if you…

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