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Post: How Hot Does Your Car Get?

We’ve all experienced getting into a parked car on a sunny day. It feels like you’re climbing inside an industrial-size oven, and all you can think about is getting the A/C running to cool it down before you get baked. But how hot is it, really? Why does a car interior feel hotter than pretty much any other place on earth? And what can you do to keep it cool?   Greenhouse on Wheels For starters,…

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Post: How to Find the Low-Pressure A/C Port on Your Car

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get at A/C Pro is “How do I find the low-pressure port on my car?” That’s because the low-pressure service port is where you connect to the air conditioning system to recharge it with A/C Pro (or seal leaks with Super Seal). The exact location of the low-pressure port varies between different car models. But you can easily find it on any vehicle in just a couple of simple…

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Post: #PopTheHood: A Dipstick’s Guide to Dipsticks

Even if you’re not a mechanic (which is pretty much everybody, except for—well, mechanics), there are some things every driver should know how to do under the hood. Checking the fluids is definitely on that list, and is a very simple thing that can potentially help you avoid expensive repairs. That’s because the oils and other fluids help protect your vehicle from itself: they prevent wear and tear on moving parts, keep the car from overheating,…

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Post: What is Refrigerant? And Other Questions Nobody Asks

Refrigerant is one of those things you use all the time but don’t really think about. It’s used in every car air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, and water cooler. Basically, if you need something made cold, refrigerant is usually involved in some way. But what is it? How does it work? Is it safe? Since refrigerant is usually “out of sight, out of mind,” these are questions most people do not  think of. But since we use…

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Post: How a Car A/C Works (or Doesn’t)

It’s not magic. Sure, your car’s A/C (if it’s working correctly) turns hot air cold, which can feel miraculous on a sunny summer afternoon. But the way it cools that air isn’t as complicated as some people think. As part of our ongoing efforts to help drivers understand what’s going on under the hood and potentially save money on simple repairs anyone can do, here’s a layman’s guide to how your vehicle’s air conditioner is supposed…

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