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Post: Too Little, Too Much: Getting Your A/C Charge “Just Right”

So your vehicle’s air conditioning is blowing hot air. It is likely low on refrigerant. You can easily fix it yourself by simply adding refrigerant, but how much should you add? It’s not a hard question to answer, but it is an important one to get right. That’s because having too much refrigerant in your A/C system is just as bad as not having enough. This isn’t a case of “too hot” versus “too cold.” If…

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Post: How to Stay Cool Without A/C: 7 Not-So-Good Ideas

The weather is warming up, and millions of winter-weary drivers are starting to sweat in their cars—their car air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. When people get sweaty, they tend to do some crazy stuff: window units added to the sides of cars, a fan and a bag of ice mounted in front of the driver’s seat, creative use of hamster tubing… we’ve seen it all. In an effort to help you avoid a hefty repair…

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Post: #PopTheHood: A Dipstick’s Guide to Accessories

Your car’s engine obviously provides the power needed to move your vehicle down the road. But it also powers everything else in your car: the lights, stereo, steering, A/C system, windshield wipers—everything. The engine provides power to these accessory systems through a collection of belt-driven parts bolted to its front and sides. It’s all those spinning things you see when you look under the hood: the engine powers a rubber belt, and the belt winds its way…

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Post: 7 Ridiculously Simple Car Repairs That Even You Can Do

So you’re not a mechanic. We understand that; most people aren’t. Maybe you know essentially nothing about how cars work, and don’t really own any tools to work on them. That doesn’t mean you have to be helpless, or spend extra money for maintenance problems that are truly minor. There are some car repairs that literally anyone can do, sometimes with no tools at all. The needed parts can be found at any auto parts store, with no…

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