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Post: #PopTheHood: A Dipstick’s Guide to Engines

Some people are geniuses when it comes to mechanical things. They can rebuild transmissions, restore junkyard antiques, or recharge flux capacitors. But most people aren’t so mechanically inclined. Perhaps your only repair experience is that you’ve aired up a low tire once or twice. Or, your knowledge of engines may be limited to the fact that your car (apparently) has one. If so, this post is for you. We want to help people have a basic…

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Post: #PopTheHood: A Dipstick’s Guide to How Cars Work

It’s not magic. When you look under the hood of your car, it might look like a complicated combination of mysterious components that somehow moves your car down the road (and keeps you comfortable in the process). But you don’t have to be a master mechanic to understand the basics of how it works. Having a general knowledge of your car’s parts and their functions is a very good idea, and can be helpful when it…

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Post: Why Your Car A/C Stopped Working Over the Winter

It’s a really common problem: the first warm day of spring arrives, and you turn on your car or truck’s air conditioner—only to find that it is no longer blowing cold air. What happened? Your A/C was working fine last fall, and you haven’t touched it since then. What could have possibly happened to the A/C when it hasn’t even been turned on all winter? Though there are a couple of different things that might have…

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