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The 10 Worst Things About Summer

Don’t you just love summer? Wait—you don’t?

It seems like everyone is expected to love summer. Throughout the winter, friends say they can’t wait until summer arrives. Families plan vacations around the season. Numerous songs sing its praises.

But not everyone loves summer, and very few people truly like it all the time. Though it has many advantages, it also has its drawbacks.

For those going through the summertime blues, here’s a list of the 10 things we don’t  like about summer:

1. Bugs.

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Bugs love summer. The hotter it is, the more energy they have to buzz around and—well, bug you. Or bite you. Or suck your blood, like tiny disease-carrying vampires. A summer without bugs would be a lot more enjoyable. But, even then, you’d still have to deal with:

2. Sweat.


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You could argue that sweat is a good thing, since it helps keep you cool. But you’d be wrong. Air conditioning  keeps you cool. Sweat  mostly makes you feel gross, gives you pit stains, and makes you stick to some seats while sliding right off others. Plus, it makes you smell.

3. Smells.

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See above. Sweaty people stink; it’s just an unfortunate fact of life. It’s why we spend $18 billion each year on antiperspirants and deodorants, yet even that’s not enough on the hottest summer days. And it’s not limited to B.O.: warm weather activates many unpleasant smells that lie dormant or frozen in the winter months.

4. Summer jobs.

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It’s a rite of passage for most everyone at some point during his or her school years. The problem is, any job that lasts for only three months is not exactly going to be a fulfilling career choice. Though the work may be unintentionally funny, it is rarely fun. From cleaning kitchens to mowing grass (see also #7) to door-to-door sales, the best thing about summer jobs is that they “build character”—which is another way of saying “hard work for very little pay.”

5. Sunburns.

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Besides being painful and unsightly, sunburns are a major cause of skin cancer. So, to avoid them, you need to either slather on oily sunscreen (not fun), wear long-sleeve clothing that leaves no exposed skin (during the hottest days of the year), or just stay indoors (and miss all the fun parts of summer).

6. Ice cream truck music.

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It’s not the heaven-sent goodness of cold ice cream we have a problem with, or the trucks that conveniently bring it right to your door. Rather, it’s the fact that they play the same annoying song over and over and over, as loud as their speakers can blare it. And while those same speakers could play literally any song—rock, hip-hop, country, classical, anything —they instead beep out a melody that includes no instruments and no words.

7. Yard work.

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When people defend summer by saying you at least get to spend more time outside, they neglect to mention exactly what you’re doing with that outdoors time. At some point in history, someone (we suspect John Deere) decided that our lawns should be lush, green, and only a half-inch tall. Those are conflicting goals, which means we have to spend time and money to get our grass to grow more just so we have to mow more. All that mowing, edging, weeding, clipping, watering, seeding, fertilizing, and sweating each weekend is time you could be watching football instead—except we don’t have that in summer, either.

8. Longing for winter.

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Eventually, as the summer takes its toll, you start longing for the refreshing cold of a gray winter day—which is just wrong. You shouldn’t miss winter. Winter is cold, dreary, and depressing. But somewhere between the heat, the dehydration, and the kids asking to watch Frozen for the 147th time, you find yourself daydreaming about December. “Do you want to build a snowman?” Tough. You’ll just have to wait six months, or else move to Antarctica.

9. Kids.


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Children can be fun in small doses, and they tend to love summer—in small doses. But after weeks spent together with no school and nothing to do, the situation can get trying for both parents and children. If your kids are old enough, they could get out of the house and fill that free time with a character-building summer job, or at least do their share of the yard work.

10. Ovens—uh, I mean, hot cars.

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At the end of a long day, as you trudge across the hot parking lot, all you really want is to sit down and relax in some ice-cold A/C. Instead, you open your car door and are immediately hit by air from a blast furnace. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the inside of a car averages about 50 degrees hotter than the air outside (which is already too hot to begin with). It literally gets hot enough to bake cookies in there, and unless you have a good A/C to cool it down quickly, your goose will also be cooked.


Since we here at A/C Pro make DIY recharge kits for car air conditioners, the summer season keeps us really, really busy. But, at least we have cold A/C, and we get to help millions of people make their summers cooler. If your car’s air conditioner is no longer able to handle the heat, grab a can of A/C Pro and get it cold again in minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.